Week 10

This week, I finally created a few hypothesis that I wanted to begin to explore in a deeper level and also still try to see them through a theory len se such as Information Foraging. The hypothesis I created were…

  • H0: If there were less distractions centered on the page or before the nutrition info, people would fixate more time on nutritional info than they usually would when deciding to get an item or not… distractions include similar products, ads, delivery type
  • H1: If people see more quantifiable information, they are more likely to choose healthier options… so present nutrition info as just a quantity rather than a percent or label
  • H2: If food is presented as a visual narrative, people are more likely to make faster decisions and more accurate decisions for their diet type

I am most interested in the first hypothesis because I believe it could potentially have something to do with the attention regulation process which is important to my personal research, but now we need to dive deeper in readings to figure how exactly we would like to create an experiment to support these hypothesis. Since I am officially going to Notre Dame, I will be funded as an RA this fall to continue on this project.

Written on July 19, 2021